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Aspiring web developer with passion in content creation.

About me

Hi, I'm Dennis Kwan, an Internet enthusiast who enjoys making stuff for the Internet.

As a high schooler, having been introduced to a programming language called Pascal in IT class, I was curious how websites work behind the scenes, wondering how people built it. Thus, my first experience with web development came out of this curiosity.

As I was fumbling with the Swift manual, I learned that websites are built with Javascript, HTML and CSS. To me back then, those skills are a proverbial Venn diagram of creative expression and technical rigor. That hooked me into learning them myself during college, and that empowered my creativity to create projects that I'm passionate about, and also to help others in need.

Awestruck by the power of content websites like Medium, Google Trends and weather apps (even), I've managed to build 2 projects over the span of 1 year with Next.js, Material UI, Tailwind CSS and inner passion.

To further my momentum, I'm actively seeking a full time role where I can help you fulfill your needs and bring my skillsets to the next level.

If you're more interesting in knowing what I can offer from my end, find more about my skills by clicking the button below!

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Past projects

Climatology the app logo
Climatology the app

I made an open-source app called Climatology which is essentially a catalog of weather info across 120k locations.

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Culturee logo
Culturee (beta)

Compiles and ranks trending stuff from every country. I'd say it's a loose adaption of Google Trends.

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